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Charity Event Venue in Melbourne

Let us help you fundraise for your charity events in Melbourne in style at the Lobster Cave. Established in 1987, we’ve aimed to make sure that every special occasion has been one to remember. We can do the same for your fundraising campaign, too, offering your guests the freshest and most finely prepared seafood that you can possibly get anywhere else.

Have your charity event at the Lobster Cave, and we can offer you:

  • A guarantee that you will be able to fundraise at least $15,000 for your charity or sporting club.
  • Access to our close network of speakers, dedicated MCs, comedians, auctions; whatever you need!
  • Fresh, brilliantly prepared seafood platters, the very same ones that made us famous across Melbourne.
  • Expertly prepared, char-grilled lobster tails, yum!
  • The sweetest, most delicious desserts in town, as well as a fantastic selection of after-dinner drinks.

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We like ideas, so let us hear them!

Got some amazing charity event ideas for your fundraiser? We’ve designed our restaurant to easily accommodate even the most flamboyant of fundraising ideas, marking the kick-off to your charity events in Melbourne in style. Our staff are always looking to help out in any way they can, so let us know!

Whether it’s a large or small event for fundraising in Melbourne, we’ll be able to make sure that the day goes along smoothly and perfectly. We’ll also be working at our hardest in the kitchen, allowing you to woo your guests over with our expertly prepared seafood dishes, yum!

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We’ll make your fundraising event the talk of the town!

From our Melbourne wide famous seafood platters, to our selection of the very best beverages to enjoy on the night, we turn fundraising events into spectacular occasions. We’ve played host to many fundraiser events over the years, making each and everyone just as special as each other.

We’ll be able to do the same for you too, thanks to our perfectly formed food and drinks menu. Best of all, we can tailor it to suit your particular theme or any specific dietary requirements that you or your guests may have.

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